Dubai College Foundation

Dubai College Foundation was established on 1st January 2017 and is a registered charity in England and Wales (# 1173243).

The object of the Dubai College Foundation is to promote education at Dubai College as per the constitution of the school and the Foundation.  Specifically, it will aim to raise funds in order to:

  • provide scholarships and bursaries to enable suitable children from all backgrounds to attend Dubai College with the ultimate intention to generate sufficient funds so that education can be offered without the need to charge fees.
  • assist with the development of the school so that it can continue to maintain the outstanding performance whilst keeping school fees as low as possible.
  • be able to provide assistance to those parents who are suffering hardship and unable to meet the fees.
  • promote fundraising and volunteering opportunities at Dubai College with a view to advancing the education of pupils at schools in developing countries.

Charity Trustees

The first trustees are as follows and are appointed for the following terms, or in the case of ex-officio appointments until they leave their post –

Mr M Lambert (Headmaster) ex-officio -  Chair

Mr B Blackwood (Bursar) ex-officio -  Treasurer

Mr K Dempsey (Independent Trustee) for 3 years - Vice Treasurer

Mrs D Turpie (Development Officer) ex-officio - Secretary

Mrs A Madnani (Board appointed trustee) for 3 years

Mr L Talwar (Board appointed Trustee) for 3 years

Mrs L Al Maktoum (Independent Trustee) for 3 years

Mrs T Makhoul (Independent Trustee) for 3 years

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Dubai College Foundation

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